When looking for the best way to generate targeted visitors to your website in order to increase your sales, you may have come across many strategies that are highly touted, considered to be the best. For those that have a large advertising budget, pay per click advertising with Facebook and Google has proven to be very effective, yet it is not the most inexpensive way to generate this type of traffic. Other strategies include article marketing, social media marketing, and also building an auto responder list. However, one that is becoming much more prominent, a strategy that should be used by all Internet marketers and real-world business owners alike, is something called video marketing. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of video marketing, and why this should be your primary solution for generating targeted visitors every single day.

What Is Video Marketing?

As the name of this marketing strategy seems to indicate, it is an online strategy designed to attract targeted visitors to any website using videos. Many people have seen videos on Google search results, usually YouTube videos, that are seen on the first page of the search engine listings. With a typical website, it takes a significant amount of SEO in order to get it to rank on the first page, and most certainly in the number one position for a chosen keyword. However, videos tend to rank much more easily than a website, especially when using you to when trying to rank on Google. It is not just the content of the video that allows it to rank, but the title, description and keyword tags that are used that can help boost it to a top position. Using search engine optimization can also be beneficial, but videos tend to have an innate ability to simply rank without having to do too much SEO. Video marketing is designed to intrigue the person that is watching enough to click through to your website to see what else you have to offer. You might have a video about a free product or service that you are giving away, prompting them to take advantage of this special deal. Videos are used as a form of preselling, and because they can rank so quickly, many people use this as their primary source of online traffic above and beyond all other types of marketing.

How To Do Video Marketing

The first step of the process is to create a website where your products will be showcased. It is important to have multiple pages on each website that are focused on specific keywords. These keywords should be very easy to rank for, yet also competitive. Once your website is complete, you can then create a video for your main page, and also your secondary pages, and directly link each video to each page targeting the same keywords. For example, you would create a short video on dog training, complete with a call to action at the end of the video, that you would upload to a video website like YouTube. The title of the video, the description, and the tags that you use should target the same keyword that the webpage you are linking to is focused upon. It is important to add a link using keyword anchor text pointing to each page so that once the person is done watching the video, or even before it is over, they can simply click through to your webpage to see what you have to offer. This should be done very quickly, something that you might want to outsource to an individual that can make the videos, upload the videos, and target the appropriate pages. You can also do this on your own as long as you have a video creation program and understand basic search engine optimization when using the strategy.

The Benefits Of Video Marketing

There are three primary benefits to using this particular strategy. The first benefit is that videos can rank so much faster than a regular webpage, allowing you to get traffic sometimes within days of uploading the video. Of course, you will want to target longtail keywords that are three keywords or longer for each keyword phrase, and make sure that it is not very competitive. The second benefit is that you will have a direct link to each page that you are targeting, allowing you to get almost instant traffic once your video is on the first page for each keyword. Although this link will not theoretically boost your position simply because it is linked from YouTube, it is a direct conduit to anything that you are selling. The third benefit is that video marketing pre-sells everything by virtue of having a video that is discussing the products or services that you are offering. This is beneficial in the context of the YouTube channel that you are creating which may motivate people to see your other videos, click through to your other pages, and potentially make multiple sales as a result of ranking all of the videos on the YouTube channel.

Although you could spend thousands of dollars every month on traditional pay per click advertising, or you could hire a search engine optimization specialist to rank your websites quickly, there is actually no faster way to organically place a direct link to your website than by uploading videos that can be found on the web. The best way to approach this strategy is to either have a streamlined process to create the videos and upload them, or to use a service that can do this for you. Once you start making videos, and you start to see how beneficial it is because of the additional sales that you will make every day, you will become addicted to this strategy that has helped so many people become successful online.

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